Review the sound of the Galaxy S8

In this review, Galaxy S8 and S8 + are the most popular aGB Review smartphone duo today. In addition to camera, battery and performance reviews, aGB Review today will continue to evaluate this premium product in terms of sound, entertainment features, and more.

Before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, the company has acquired the famous sound giant Harman owns a lot of famous manufacturers such as Harman / Kardon, JBL, AKG, … And very Fast, the Galaxy S8 / S8 + is accompanied by an in-ear labeled AKG. In addition to the accompanying ear, AKG also helps Samsung Mobile improve the sound quality on this year’s flagship model? Let’s read my Galaxy S8 and S8 + review down below to know it’s full content and pros & cons.

Galaxy S8 review

Hardware and software

Before the Galaxy S8 / S8 + debuted, there were rumors that the audio processing chip (DAC) inside the machine would come from Cirrus Logic. Samsung has equipped its DAC chip on the previous Galaxy Note 3, delivering good sound performance at the time. Unfortunately, nowadays through the Galaxy S8 / S8 +, we can see the Galaxy S8 / S8 + using the Qualcomm Aqstic WCD9341 DAC chip. However, evaluating the sound quality only through the configuration is really one-sided. We will evaluate the actual performance of the Galaxy S8 / S8 + through the actual test.

S8 and S8 + choose Google Play Music as the default music player like HTC. However, Samsung has its own music player called Samsung Music that can be downloaded from the app store. I personally like the Samsung music player more than the simple music player, less features of Google and the default music player on smartphones today. Samsung’s music player has a nice, intuitive interface, many smart and useful features. Features such as “sleep timer”, “make all the tracks equal” or ignoring the silence between the tracks, so when listening very seamlessly, without interruption.

music player

This music player also allows the user to customize the tabs of the application, providing complete basic information of the music file, customizing the playback speed (quite useful for anyone learning English). The sound effects on the S7 are retained, allowing for four different types of EQ tuning, deep bass tuning, tuning of instruments and vocals, UHQ sound effects, surround sound, amp effects, Hall effect … and also features custom audio to suit everyone. There are three preset modes for different ages, and you can also manually adjust the headphones and follow the instructions to get your own personalized sound effects.(Facebook)


The player also reads good music files from high-quality DSD files to 24-bit Hi-res music, much better than the Google music player. Overall the player is a plus of the S8 / S8 +, full of features and beautiful.

Speakers and headphones included

In terms of speakerphone quality, the Galaxy S8 / S8 + only emits sound through the external speakers located just below the bottom of the machine, next to the charging port. The quality of the speakerphone is quite good, less in both volume and volume than the iPhone 7 Plus. Loudspeakers are quite detailed, relatively in slightly treble and superficial bass strips. I still prefer the iPhone’s external speakers.

back view s8

This headset also comes with 3 pairs of rubber tips of different sizes to suit every person’s ears. You should wear the best pair of tips for your comfort and sound. The shell of the ear is made of plastic is mainly so light, the quality is quite good.

The wires from the split wire down are covered with umbrellas, which help to resist wire tangles. The 3.5mm connector is silver in color, either nilken or non-plated. There are three audio controls on the same mic.

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Sound quality

In this article, I will use the S8 + to play lossless and high quality DSD files. The reference headphones include the included AKG ear, the Meze 12 Classic ear and the 64 Audio U18 ear.

Sound quality s8

The S8 + and iPhone 7 Plus have nearly equal volume levels, which are good for in-ear earphones or low sensitivity headphones. Of course, this phone will be difficult to meet the earbud models and fullsize difficult to pull.

From the first lyrics of Michael Buble in You Do not Know Me, I was impressed with the thick and moving midrange of the Galaxy S8 +. The vocals are highly rewritten, rich in emotions, inspirational and silky. It seems that S8 + makes the voice feel warmer, favoring the flattering trend, unlike the “neutral” midrange of the iPhone 7 Plus. With a source like this, you can try mixing with midriff midrange earphones, or for those who prefer a super sweet combo, you can pair them with midrange earphones ATHs.

s8 mobile

On the whole, the Galaxy S8 + has a good level of detail. The sound field is slightly above the iPhone 7 Plus, although the treble strips of the S8 + have also negatively impacted the sound field. S8 + generally have a tendency toward silky, warm sound, unfortunately when the treble handle is not really satisfied. The strips of blends do not sound very natural and still carry a slight electron beam. But compared to the Galaxy S7 last year, the S8 + has also improved significantly in terms of sound quality and sound quality better than the iPhone 7.


+ The quality of the headphones is good

+ Intelligent software, beautiful, multi-feature

+ Runs DSD file types, 24bit …

+ Supports good external DAC output via USB Type-C


– Sound is still slightly electronic, but more natural than other smartphones.

– Treb strips are not well handled.



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