How to Find the Right Silk Jewelry Pouches

Silk Jewelry Pouches are becoming extremely popular lately due to their stunning looks. They are actually very practical and reliable. Silk jewelry pouches can be used to store rings, chains, bracelets and other jewelry items you have. It is important for you to find the right jewelry pouch for yourself to be able to get its full benefit. Below are a few points you should keep in mind when finding a silk jewelry pouch:

Silk Jewelry Pouches

The Features Your Silk Jewelry Pouch Must Have

  • Zips – It should have adequate number of zips. Zips are extremely helpful to keep small sized and delicate jewelry. This way it is simple for you to organize and even remember that which jewelry item is kept where. This also prevents your jewelry from getting damaged or by getting entangled with each other. You must make sure of the quality of zips before you buy a silk pouch as this is the key feature of any jewelry storing pouch.
  • Strength – The silk jewelry pouch must be strong as it will be used to store expensive items. You cannot afford to keep your expensive jewelry in a delicate pouch which will wear out soon. Generally, genuine and good quality silk bags are very strong and sturdy but you need to make sure that you buy them from a reliable place.
  • Size – Silk jewelry pouches are available in different sizes. You should select the size of the silk pouch as per your requirement. Example – if you need a silk pouch to only keep small earrings, rings and chains then it advised to buy a small sized bag. In case you wish to store bangles and big necklaces, then you must buy a big size silk pouch to accommodate all your stuff in it.
  • Color – The silk jewelry pouch must be of bright and shimmery colors. Reason behind this is firstly, colorful pouches look fancy and attractive and secondly, the purpose of these pouches is to store jewelry, so the pouches should be bright for you to be able to distinguish them from the rest of the pouches you have.
  • For Gift – If you are finding a silk jewelry pouch for gifting purpose then you must make sure of the quality. You should buy from a reliable, big shop. You should make sure that it is natural silk. That can be done by performing burn test on the silk pouch thread.

How to test the quality of silk?

Burn test is the only way you can test if the silk is pure. You can take a few threads of the silk pouch and burn them till the end. After the entire thread is burnt, rub the left-over ash with your fingers and smell it. If it is pure silk, then it would smell like burnt hair or wool. If it is artificial silk, then it would smell like burnt plastic. In case it is artificial silk, you will also notice black smoke when the thread is burnt.

Silk pouches are available in the thai handmade jewelry store in various colors and sizes. You should be sure of the purpose for which you are buying the silk jewelry pouch. You will find several options and by using the tips given above, you will be able to find the most suitable silk jewelry pouch for yourself.


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