Difference Between The French Press and Moka Pot

Moka pot:

It is Italian stable found. You can see the moka pot in every Italian kitchen. It is also called stove-top espresso maker because of its ability to make the coffee on par. These brewers are made of aluminium and stainless steel, due to this it quickly heats up and produces more pressure.

Moka pot has three parts which tightly fit with each other to form sealed brewer container. Last part is for water up to it is a coffee filter and the top chamber where the coffee when finished is collected.

When water boils the steam created in the last chamber pushes it up where coffee beans are placed. After that extracted coffee is pushed again to the top and collected from there.

All the time making the perfect cup with moka pot is tricky, and also some danger is associated with it due to its pressure, but now it is fitted with some safety valves.

When making coffee in the moka pot keep the low heat of your stove, so you don’t burn your coffee.

Moka Pot

French press:

The French press uses the immersion brewing. This immersion brewing allows the longer steeping of coffee, which in turn produces heavier brew and also the coffee oil adds into the final coffee cup. Many people say that French press coffee taste is best from others.

The French press is less labour intensive. It is very easy to use. You just have to place the coffee in the glass carafe and pour the boiling water, leave to steep

Main differences:

French press and moka both can make a good cup of coffee. But, there are some differences between the two.

French press is the choice of gourmet coffee lovers, whereas moka pot which is also known as stove-top espresso maker is famous among those people who love to drink coffee with bold and concentrated flavour.

Moka pot and french press both brew good taste of a coffee cup.

If your preference is espresso like coffee than Moka pot is best. It is closer to the device that will give you something similar to espresso. When you know more about it, you can get cream along with your coffee. It gives you more concentrated brew.

The French press is the simple, and very easily you get a simple cup of coffee. Due to immersion, it gives full boiled a cup of coffee with more coffee hidden in oil and flavours. The French press is also available with a double walled filter that cuts some coffee grounds that slips. If you want something more adventurous than French press is best for you.

Both the moka pot and french press are affordable. If you are thinking to buy with less cost, this is to inform you that both have the same price range.

If you don’t like sharp taste than the French press is a good choice. Those who want coffee with having no debris and won’t taste like espresso than Moka pot is best choice to use.

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